Assessment, Diagnosis, treatment, Aids advise


On your first appointment, your physiotherapist will discuss your physical and functional problems with you and will want to know how they affect your everyday life. They will also need to know about any previous/current medical problems that may be affecting you and will ask you for a list of medications you are currently taking.

With your consent , they will carry out a full physical examination looking at your movements, muscle strength and posture .

From the assessment, the Physiotherapist will then explain their findings and aim to make a diagnosis of your problems. They will provide advice , demonstrate exercises you can practice and formulate a treatment plan working towards your goals of recovery.


Treatments aim to work on restoring normal movement and function, reducing pain, improving range of movement

With your consent, Rehabphysio can liase with your Gp and or consultant regarding your presenting problems.

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RehabPhysio can offer treatment and advice at any stage of a condition; sometimes early treatment can prevent the progression of a condition and prevent secondary complications. In some cases, although conditions may progress over time, there can still be gains by having physiotherapy to improve quality of life and promote independence.

By seeing you in your own home, your physiotherapist will be able to witness the problems that you are experiencing with everyday activities. From this your physiotherapist can advise you on walking aids and / or home adaptations to enable you to regain or retain your independence and increase your quality of life

We provide a very ‘hands on’ approach to rehabilitation.

  • Joint Mobilisation/Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Postural advice
  • Balance re-education
  • Improving standing and quality of walking
  • Strengthening
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Re-educating normal movement patterns
  • Stretching
  • Taping and strapping
  • Individualised exercise programme provision
  • Offering guidance and advice to family and carers
  • Hydrotherapy

Rehabphysio provides a very pragmatic approach to treatment using the best techniques and understanding of Normal movement to be able to optimise each individual’s potential.

Aids & Adaptions


Rehabphysio can provide advise on the use of equipment and aids designed to improve your level of independence.